Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Adult Rabbits



Product description


The Wild Harvest team is dedicated to providing products that promote complete nutrition for your birds and small Animals. Using natural ingredients, Wild Harvest provides the perfect blend of food and treats to meet the distinct dietary needs of birds and small Animals. Wild Harvest advanced nutrition diet for adult rabbits provides premium nutrition your pet requires for preserving and maintaining good health. Is specially formulated, enriched diet ensures that your adult rabbit will receive important fiber, vitamins and minerals needed for a strong, healthy body. Wild Harvest advanced nutrition diet for adult rabbits not only offers ideal nutrition for your pet, but also a comprehensive range of ingredients. Varied diets are particularly important for rabbits in order to help replicate diets found in their natural habitat and encourage natural foraging behavior. Foraging for food provides rabbits with important physical and mental stimulation, and helps keep your pet healthy and happy!.

  • Important Vitamins And Minerals Plus Alfalfa Meal And Timothy Hay
  • Naturally Delicious Mix Of Vegetables, Seeds And Grains
  • A Balanced Variety Of Nutrients For Rabbits
  • Freshness Seal For Storage