Sherwood Pet Health Digestive Support, Papaya (100 Tablets - 60 Grams)



Product description

Please read Important Instructions at bottom. The digestive support tablet works in 3 very specific ways. First, it provides protein digestive enzymes (Bromelain and Papain) and a dose of high quality papaya that was freeze dried to preserve nutritional value. The papaya aids in protein digestion which minimizes the amount of protein that will enter the ceacum where bacterial fermentation of fiber occurs. Too much protein in the ceacum will raise the pH and support the rapid growth of unhealthy bacterial populations that cause bloat, G.I. stasis or other digestive problems. Second, it provides a full compliment of B-vitamins that are normally produced by healthy fermentation patterns. If these fermentation patterns are disrupted then B-vitamin production is reduced and this often leads to a loss of appetite and reduced energy levels. Proper levels of B-vitamins are necessary to maintain a healthy appetite. Third, it contains a unique blend of herbs that actually stimulate the lower digestive tract to naturally contract and relax in a rhythmic pattern to help optimize healthy fermentation patterns. This works great for rabbits and other small herbivores that are less mobile (don’t get enough exercise due to age or arthritis) or that simply have trouble with digestion (especially megacolon rabbits who lack the lower G.I. tract innervation necessary to stimulate muscle contraction). The herbs have been shown to directly trigger rhythmic muscle contraction/relaxation in lower rabbit digestive tract independent of nerve stimulation. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Because of the strong flavors of the motility herbs (ginger, ginseng, szechuan peppercorn), your buddy may at first resist showing interest. You may need to find a way to get these different, but effective ingredients inside where they will do the good for any severe or mild digestive issues you might be seeing. Some are finding that breaking up the tablet into small pieces and hiding in a piece of banana helps.

  • Papaya Digestive support tablet, New Banana flavor
  • Unique blend of herbs to stimulate motility
  • Protein digestive enzymes
  • Stimulates appetite and energy with B-vitamin complex
  • Poopy bottom remedy, improves regularit